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Prayer is our way to enter into the holy of holies and come forward into the throne of grace so that we can receive mercy that meet our timely needs. We have prayer partners that join their faith with every prayer request and believe God for answers prayers.  Contact Us >>


Men's Ministry

 If you have never been to Distinction International Christian Church its time to come see what you have been missing. We have ministries for young adults, singles, children, women and men. All this ministries provide the opportunity for growth and development in various talent. We work together in love and service. This is a place to be!!! Check out the opportunity to be part of Distinction International Christian Church with your dedicated service. You need God more than he needs you. Our community is welcoming and loving that is why we worship God with people from 25 countries of the world and stay happy always. We love you and pray for you every day. No matter what you are going through , remember when their is no trial their can't be testimony. God is forever faithful to his promises and we need to key into it. God is leading you to the place of distinction, victory, glory and blessing. 2 Chronicles 7:14 - If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

The Women of Royal Distinction is a group that follows the bible steps of the type of virtuous woman ordained by God. We work together in fellowships and on a mission together to achieve greater results. If you want to grow in a relationship with God, you need positive people around you that can influence that attitude. We play, pray and laugh together.  This ministry is a great opportunity to connect with God, church and its people by enjoying the grace, love and passion for its kingdom work. Join Us >>

The Men's Ministry is designed to empower, equip and train men to be disciplined disciples of the kingdom. This will empower every man to discover the purpose of God's wonderful master piece. Our approach is practical assessment and teaching that will enable men to understand the wonderful master piece God created. We are a change agent that transform individual and prepare men by bible teaching that address each areas defined by God for every man to fulfill. Join Us >>

We welcome visitors and new converts into the house of God. We are

 happy that you will consider worshiping with us soon and become the Distinction Church family.  Our bible teaching is designed for all members and new Christians as a form of learning and understanding the teaching of God. As many that believes him he gives them powers to be called sons of God. Come unto me all you that are weak and heavy laden and I will give you rest. You are not here by mistake, come worship with us.

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The children's ministries is a place for kids to explore life with God. Children Ministry is where toddler will find it interesting to know God and understand the acceptable behavior in the society. We train the kids on the Bible important skills that every kids needs to grow and become a God fearing child of God. The Bible says teach  your child the way he should go and he will not depart from it. We are passionate about improving the quality of materials and standards of teaching of our children especially in the present environment we live in. Join Us >>

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WOMen's Ministry

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